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Have you lost Two Wheeler Insurance Documents? What you need to do

Have you lost Two Wheeler Insurance Documents? What you need to do

A Bike Insurance is one of the  most important documents to claim at any kind of critical accident. You will not be able to claim if you don't have Insurance Policy. Suppose you have lost the policy due to one or the other reason then you can get it by applying for a duplicate document of your two wheel insurance policies. In the article below, I have mentioned some of the simplest ways to apply for duplicate insurance documents.

Bike Insurance

Here's what have you to do?

I am fully satisfied with you that policyholder faces trouble when the papers are lost. Firstly, you should visit  the nearest police station and inform about the documents as soon as possible and register a FIR. After this, take a copy of the FIR to your Insurance Company and share all the details related to missing documents of Insurance Policy.

How to apply for Duplicate Bike Insurance Policy?

Submit an application

First thing is to write an application to your Insurer. Mention all important details such as Policyholder's name, date of insurance, date of insurance and what it covers. All these fields are compulsory as you are applying for duplicate documents. If your Insurance policy is jointly then application will be made jointly by all insurers.

Apart from this, when you apply for a duplicate document, the policyholders will ask for a nominal amount of money for appying for duplicate documents.

Publish an Advertisement

This  is also one method by which on can get his/her policy papers back. Some of the policyholders also advice their  customers to publish a advertise in the local newspaper, describing the lost of  Insurance Papers. After being news published in the newspaper, you give submit a copy  of the advertisement with your Insurer.

Indemnity Bond

It is compulsory to sign  the Indemnity Bond. Basically, this bond is executed on a non-judicial stamp paper having a suitable value, in which there is a request for the duplicate policy. The two main things that are mentioned in Indemnity Bond are Policy Holder name and the Policy Holder Number. Other important thing is it to be signed by two members outside of the  family to add surety. Also, there are some of the company that asks for financial status to have surety bond for the policy.


Now I will explain this article by comparing with the real scenario, before a few days Mr. Sameer lost his Insurance Papers of the bike in few days after purchasing the Bike. Then he called the Insurance Company about the Issue. The Company had suggested him to Submit a FIR in Police about the Issue and bring a copy of the FIR to the company. After the investigation of the whole issue, Sameer got Duplicate Bike Insurance Papers.

I Hope you got all the Fruitful Information from the article. Now whenever you come across any Issue like this follow the steps as soon as possible to get the Insurance Documents.

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